On today’s news. From the Jerusalem Post - Iranian boats harass US Navy ships in Strait of Hormuz Pentagon official: Boats threaten US vessels, confrontation narrowly averted; "serious provocation" worst yet; Iran brushes off incident. From the Jerusalem Post. From the New York Times - JERUSALEM — Israeli security officials said Sunday that a rocket with a longer range than usual fired by Palestinian militants from Gaza into the coastal city of Ashkelon on Thursday had been made in Iran. It was the first such rocket to land in Israel, and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Israel would intensify its response to the firing of such longer-range rockets. From McClatchy press - WASHINGTON — President Bush, who once had grand ambitions to transform the Middle East through democratic reform, begins his first extended presidential visit to the region Tuesday with his sights lowered and his ability to influence events fading fast. From the Israeli prime minister's modest house in Jerusalem to the palace of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Bush can expect a polite welcome during the nine-day trip. But with the U.S. presidential campaign under way, governments in the region already appear to be looking past Bush to his successor. They're expecting no major breakthroughs.

If I was a suspicious person I might consider that perhaps the news stories were being trumped up a bit and the reason for Bush’s visit was to try to set things up so Israel could attack Iran, which means we would come to Israel’s defense, all in time to swing Novembers elections to a pro-war candidate, which would not be a Democrat. But I am not a suspicious person and after all it would real idiot to dream up the idea of a pre-emptive military strike for political gain.


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