Matthew 2:1-12

(note, I can't figure out how to make this blog do indents, so therefore you get dashes, my original intent is simple indents, if your reuse these poems, which you may do, please use indents, it looks better)

For those who know these things
who study the signs
---- that they might know
what is
---- and is to come
---- even they
---- who could see the handwriting in the stars
---- in search of the one foretold
---- the one who would make
---- all the searching
-------- yearning
------------ seeing
---- complete
The Heavens told them
This was the Messiah
---- the Christ
-------- the Prince of Peace
In a world longing so
------------------ for Peace
This was to be the one
Who would make all the Herods
---- in their quest for
-------- Peace
-------- (Law and Order at any Cost)
-------- and Tranquility
-------- (Change must not come too quickly
--------------------------------------- and upset
-------- the systems that fill my pockets)
---- of only kingdoms
granted them in this world
-------- by the people
------------who wish to have security
------------ made up of the
------------------------------ bits
--------------------------------- and
-------------------------------------- pieces
-------------------------------------------- of
------------------------------------------------- human
------------------- Destruction
Into this came
-------------- and comes
the Kingdom
----- of the one who brings Peace
-------------------------- Shalom
-------------- even to the Herods
This Messiah
----- Born under the star
was here
Breaking into all the might
---------------------------- wisdom
----------------------------------- Power
---------- of this world
--------- with the seemingly helpless
--------------------------------------------- cry
--------------------------------------------------of a baby


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