Second Advent Candle Lighting

Reading from Isaiah 11:1-10

A Green Shoot from Jesse's Stump

Pastor: Something new is coming. Something humanity has not yet experienced. A green Shoot will sprout from the old stump we thought was long dead.

Congregation: The life-giving Spirit of God will cover the land and the Spirit that brings wisdom and understanding, the Spirit that gives direction and builds strength, the Spirit that instills knowledge and awe-of-God, will be our joy and delight.

Pastor: This Spirit of God won't judge by appearances, won't decide on the basis of hearsay but rather will judge those made needy by what is right in God’s understanding of right, render decisions on those made poor with justice, God’s justice.

Congregation: All of humanity will pay attention. A mere breath of the Spirit of God will topple the wicked. Each morning the Spirit will work alongside the children of God to help build righteousness and faithfulness in the land.

Pastor: In this newness we will see things we have never seen before. The wolf will romp with the lamb, the leopard sleep with the kid, Calf and lion will eat from the same trough, and a little child will tend them.

Congregation: Cow and bear will graze the same pasture, their calves and cubs growing up together, the lion will eat straw like the ox, a child will be able to play with snakes, and neither animal nor human will hurt or kill.

Pastor: As we light the candles of Hope and Peace this day we remember that the coming of Christ brings to the world the Hope that Peace will reign once again in the world.

Congregation: As we light the candles of Hope and Peace, we will pledge ourselves, as the children of God, to work bringing Hope and Peace, that is more than just the absence of conflict, to all people, everywhere.

Pastor: All creation will be brimming with knowing, intimately knowing God.

Congregation: On that day all of creation will gather around the love of God and there will be peace.

Advent Song
“A Little Light” #146 in the Dakota Road Anthology


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