First Advent Candle Lighting

First Advent Reading from Isaiah 2:1-5 Climb God's Mountain

Pastor: There's a day coming when the mountain of God's House will be solid and towering over all mountains. All nations will be drawn to it and people from all over the world set out for it, saying, “Come, let's climb God's Holy Mountain, and go to the House of the Lord.

Congregation: In that day God will show us the way He works so all can live the way they were made."

Pastor: God's Message will come forth and He'll settle things fairly between nations. God will make things right between all peoples and true justice, God’s justice, will prevail.

Congregation: As we light this candle of Hope, we look with longing and hope for that day when all nations will turn their swords into shovels, their spears into hoes.

Pastor: No more will nation fight nation; nor will they play war anymore.

Congregation: Come all you people let us let's live in the light of God.


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